I do stand-up comedy.

I'm just a girl who used to be a boy. Some people find that pretty funny. For everyone else, I tell jokes.


Carina Magyar has been performing stand-up comedy in Austin since 2010. She was the runner-up in the 2017 Funniest Person in Austin contest. Recently, she's performed at the Moontower Comedy Festival, headlined the Velveeta Room three different weekends, and been featured in the Amazon Prime documentary "Funniest." She's the showrunner for the longest-running standup showcase in Austin, Live at Coldtowne, every Friday night. She has opened or featured for Jen Kirkman, Joe DeRosa, Kate Willett, Chris Cubas, Johnny Hardwick, and many more. She's also the mother of two small children, two smaller guinea pigs, and one very small freelance journalism career. She wrote a children's book and runs the Austin comedy website Last Gas Comedy. For SEO reasons, she will now mention that she's a transgender standup comedian. 


Selected Credits

Out of Bounds


Standup coordinator, host, storyteller.

Jen Kirkman

North Door, Austin

Featured for a sold-out show, joined Jen on stage for a skit.

Birds & Birds

Velveeta Room, Austin

Headlining weekend


Cap City Comedy Club, Austin

Headliner for long-running weekly showcase.

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