Comedian, writer, talker, breather.

Carina Magyar has been performing stand-up comedy since 2010. Recently, she's performed at the Moontower Comedy Festival, roast battled at SXSW, riffed movies with Doug Benson, and been featured in the Amazon Prime documentary "Funniest." She has opened or featured for Laura Kightlinger, Jen Kirkman, Michael Ian Black, Joe DeRosa, Vanessa Gonzalez, Kate Willett, Maggie Maye, Chris Cubas, Johnny Hardwick, and many more. She's also the mother of two small children and wrote a children's book. She's affordable.

It's finally here! Sure Thing Records published my debut album on March 29, 2019, and now I have to write all-new material. But I'm very proud of it. I think it's good. Buy it on iTunes or at the link below. You can also stream it on Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, and the rest.


What's Going On in Austin


My little rant to Seth Simons about the Austin comedy scene

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Carina Magyar's Kingdom


As a comedian who is transgender, her role first and foremost is to make us laugh, but inherent in good comedy are the thought experiments that twist our mental processes and extract pleasant surprise. - Comedy Wham

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Carina Magyar Thinks Sleep is Overrated


"I got hooked, I got the bug, and I was terrible for years. That's how it works." - Austin After Hours with Taylor Ellison

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The State of Comedy


That’s usually the root of good comedy, somebody who’s had a real experience that’s worth sharing. - ATX Woman

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Texas Trans Comedian Stands Up for Equality


The world always needs more LGBTQ perspectives, and for Austinite and trans comedian Carina Magyar, comedy is the best way to put hers out into the world. - Spectrum South

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Trans Comic Carina Magyar's Rising Star


As the runner up in this year’s Funniest Person in Austin contest and Live at Coldtowne host, she’s become a comedic city gem with her unique and hilariously relatable jokes. - Austin Chronicle

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Laughed Out

Las Vegas

Headlining act at the inaugural queer comedy festival in 2020.

Jen Kirkman

North Door, Austin

Featured for a sold-out show, joined Jen on stage for a skit.

Roast Battle

SXSW Comedy, Moontower

Yeah, I won.

Moontower Comedy Festival


Bye Felicia, I Don't Think So Honey

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A beautifully illustrated children's book about a wild adventure through a magical realm.

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For the Kingdom

48 pages of gorgeous illustration, gripping adventure, and weird creatures the whole family will love. Reading level: Grades 1 to 4.


A parable on habits colliding.

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A day in the afterlife.

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They cannot put you in your place if you are everywhere.

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Life encroaches on life, one choice at a time.

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Getting old is a bitch.

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Some ghosts just aren't born yet.

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Chuck Dunwoody and the Case of the Ostrich Killer

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You've never tasted it like this.

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The things you break when your mother can fix anything.

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What one learns from a teacher is not always what is taught.

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No matter what you do, don't stop.

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Not everyone makes it out of eighth grade alive, not really.

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Head Cheese:Austin Chronicle

Pat Dean takes over The Velveeta Room, a venue that's redefining what a "comedy club" can be.

Head Cheese

Confidence Man:Austin Chronicle

Vietnam-born comedian Tai Nguyen on insecurity and his shot-in-the-dark TV special.

Confidence Man

King for a Month:Austin Chronicle

How comedian Chris Cubas talked his way into being one of the wealthiest people in Austin – temporarily.

King for a Month

Awful / Lucky:Austin Chronicle

The Austin comedian and Baskets co-star Martha Kelly has two ways of looking at her improbable path to fame.

Awful / Lucky

In Her Shoes:Austin Monthly

After 30-plus years of denial, a transgender woman discovers that while the transitions from male to female brings fears and doubts, it also brings acceptance and, ultimately, freedom.

In Her Shoes

Oooh neat!

A parallax transition!

These never get old, right?

Depression: Don't go outside. Me: I know this is going to feel weird, but thank you.

One day, we're going to look back on all of this and not laugh.